Saturday, October 10, 2009

Obama + Nobel Peace Prize = wtf + fml

Why does Obama get a prize whilst Bush gets shoes

By Iyad Burnat

Today, when I came home from our nonviolent demonstration in Bil'in, after
the soldiers shot tear gas and after seeing the violence of the Israeli
soldiers, I heard that President Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize. When I
heard this from the media I started to go crazy. I asked myself why. The
Americans are still in Iraq and Afghanistan, and Palestine is still
occupied. In the recent news I saw that the Israeli soldiers closed
Jerusalem, and I heard that many people were injured. We haven't seen
anything changed. Why didn't the committee give the prize to Bush? I
remember nine years ago Bush had a good speech about the establishment of a
Palestinian state in the year of 2005. We saw after the speech that Sharon
invaded Al Aqsa mosque, and the American army invaded Iraq. Why didn't you
give the prize to this man at that time, and he got shoes instead? This is

I am so sorry Mr. Bush. You worked very hard, eight years with killing
children, starting wars and supporting the occupation, and they gave the
prize to another man.

I ask you our friends in the Nobel Committee, why didn't you choose
quality? I think your prize makes the people more violent. Do you think that
Obama can make peace, and why didn't you wait until he actually made the
peace? Maybe he will invade another country. Sorry, but we are still under
occupation and it makes us very crazy because we see every day and night the
suffering of our children, and it's killing us. We hear in the speeches that
the president talks about peace, but nothing has changed. To deserve a Nobel
prize you need to work, not talk. We need the work to be done now, not
tomorrow. We need our land now, not tomorrow.

Thank you for you continued support,

Iyad Burnat- Head of Popular Commitee in Bilin
co-founder of Friends of Freedom and Justice - Bilin

and a great article by Howard Zinn

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