Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Democrats and Republicans Unite!

The College Republicrats have written an article about the Campus Antiwar Network. My response follows.

I applaud Burton and Traicoff for knowing so much about the Campus Antiwar Network. Especially given the lack of conversations they have had directly with that organization. The number, specifically, is zero (0).

If Burton or Traicoff had ever had a conversation with me or anyone involved in CAN they would find that it is not our intention to demonize Israelis. Half of the articles I've written on the subject are about Israeli human rights organizations and activists. It is necessary to have a perspective broad enough to separate a government from its people. For example, the United States is involved in several illegal occupations worldwide and upholds racism, sexism and homophobia on institutional levels. That doesn't mean that Americans are monsters.

I acknowledge that the tone I started out with was mocking, so I'd like to end on a sincere note:

Stubbornness is the only way rights have ever been won. The Montgomery Bus Boycott lasted over a year. Think about that. Folks walking to and from work, school and homes for over a year. I intend to continue being stubborn about fighting for human rights and equality worldwide.

I genuinely thank the writers of this article for demonstrating something I've been working to convince folks of for a while: the Democrats and the Republicans are two sides of the same coin.

If either of these gentlemen is interested in having a CONVERSATION with the Campus Antiwar Network and/or reaching out to us supposed sectarians, I can be reached at

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